Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Stella Skirt is here!!!!

Okay ladies...I am finally getting a chance to debut the reversible Stella Skirt!!!  This a-line knee length skirt is PERFECT for summer days!  Wear it with a tee or tank and you absolutely FABULOUS!!!!  I wear mine at least once a week to the store, ballfields, shopping...wherever I am going.  The cotton fabric makes it breathable and comfy.  So, check out my etsy store and order one today!!!

Here are some pics of me in my Stella on Mother's Day with my mom & my daughter.  My husband was taking the pictures, so don't laugh at my peacock was a bit windy.

(left) Hop Dot~Sky and Swirly Buds~Lemon

(right) Swirly Buds~Lemon and Dream Dot~Sky

Church Flowers~Pink and Dream Dot~Clementine

Check us out of for the I made it block party.  Be sure to visit the other blogs posted as well.  There are soome really talented people out in webworld!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

April showers bring May flowers...

Good morning sun...I see you shining!!! 
The sky is blue and no clouds in the sky.......spring has finally sprung! 

Mother's Day is this Sunday and what does mom want? 
I have asked for mulch and bedding flowers.  How about a flower that doesn't wilt and she can wear!  Check out our Fabric Flower Pin.  The finishing touch to any outfit.

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